MLA Deluxe Nano Microblading Blades U18 .15mm


Unleash the artist in you with this blade!

This is our favorite blades!

These flexible microblades are the sharpest and finest available, enabling you to create very detailed, natural-looking hair strokes. What makes this our favorite blade is that it's versatile use. This blade is great for both thin AND thick brows.

  • ULTRA NANO .15mm Diameter
  • 18U Shape
  • Our finest and sharpest needles!
  • Professional grade stainless steel
  • Dark pink color.
  • Ultra sharp needles help to create less drag through the skin during microblading.
  • Sterile.
  • Individually packaged.
  • Each individual blade is labeled with lot # and exp.
  • 25pcs



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